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GoProcedures® is a tool that allows Commissioning Procedures to be generated, modified, progressed and executed. It also acts as a library and storage facility for Commissioning, Start-up, Operating and Preservation Procedures.

  • Stores details on a project's entire suite of procedures, broken down to section and sub section level, to track progress of creation and implementation of all types of procedures with fully searchable interfaces.
  • Provides a varied set of reports, which shows procedure progress broken down by disciplines, responsible engineers, and detailed procedure breakdown to sub section level.
  • Writes procedure content in-app with the built in word editor.  This allows for custom tools to access required data from other GoTechnology® Hub products for improved efficiency.
  • Stores and replicates the structure and standard procedure content for various types of procedures with the use of skeleton procedures which will reduce time in creating procedures.
  • Uses procedure complexities to enhance the estimates of required man hours to create the procedure with additional reports which calculate the staffing levels required to complete procedures on time.
  • Uses weekly procedure progress imports which allows for S-Curve reporting of planned vs actual progress. Planned data can be based on expected staffing levels or expected completion dates for a project and individual procedures. This allows for accurate progress reports throughout a projects lifecycle.


Operating Platform: Any
Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9 or later
Connection: Broadband
Additional Software Required: Microsoft Office 2007 or greater, equivalent software

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