GoPreserve® is an add-on module for GoCompletions® and serves to expand the GoTechnology® Hub framework into the arena of Preservation Management.

It is a tool that has been created for the generation and ongoing monitoring of preservation routines. This is particularly useful where equipment is being purchased then stored or installed for long periods prior to being energised at the Commissioning stage.

In addition to the standard web-based version, qedi has developed companion mobile apps for use on Android and iOs devices. These devices synchronise with the GoTechnology® Hub when in online mode, and then can be taken offline and used to record Preservation information in areas where connectivity is not available (e.g. on site in a remote location), before being brought back online to synchronise once again with the Hub when connectivity is restored (e.g. areas where WiFi is available).

  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Offers functionality of online and offline mode; allowing data to be synchronised with  the GoTechnology® Hub in online mode, while also allowing work to continue using the pre-loaded data when no internet connection is available.
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Implementing efficiencies into the preservation process through maximising technology

GoPreserve® Add-On Module for GoCompletions®

Operating Platform/ Browser: Any device capable of running Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9 or later
Additional Software Required: Microsoft Office 2007 or greater, equivalent software


GoPreserve® Companion App

Operating Platform: Android 4.4 or iOS8

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