Managing the delivery of a safe Operational Facility.

GoCompletions® is a Quality Management tool that tracks and monitors the level of progress of Completion of each piece of equipment from Design through to Operations. There are variants available for Brownfield, Greenfield, Mining and Metals, Subsea, Pipelines, Nuclear and Decommissioning.

  • In Brownfield mode the software allows multiple modifications to be applied to the same tag. This means your Completions team do not have to start from scratch building the tagged data on existing equipment and a full mods history can be stored within the application.
  • Allows detailed management and recording of equipment and certification status.
  • Bar-coded Certification allows for quick and easy sign-off of documentation.
  • Comes with an extensive suite of both graphical and tabular reports, allowing both clear high level views and detailed drill downs of all key information.
  • Greenfield and Brownfield configuration options allow the choice of a solution that evolves to meet the need of the project as it progresses.
  • Customisable Punch List Item tracking with flexible categories that mirror your project.
  • Includes options for full control of Management of Change, Data Change Request Registers and Outstanding Work Lists.
  • Full Preservation Toolkit available with optional GoPreserve® add-on.
  • Integrates seamlessly with other GoTechnology® Hub-enabled applications, such as GoProcedures® and GoPlan®.



Operating Platform: Any
Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 9 or later
Connection: Broadband
Additional Software Required: Microsoft Office 2007 or greater, equivalent software

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