Research and development, continuous improvement and investment in technology has led to the development of a suite of tools designed to assist with critical areas of Project Management and Technical Integrity of new and existing projects to help minimising the risks of revenue and reputation loss.

GoTechnology® utilises traditional proven skills, practices and expertise with new technologies to produce web-enabled software applications that provide essential elements for Technical, Projects and Operations Integrity.  

GoTechnology® operates using a hub of information taken electronically from the Engineering Data Warehouses, Fabricators and Vendors, from which the individual applications operate.  This methodology is in accordance with the techniques given in ISO 15926, integration of life cycle data.

  • All application’s within the GoTechnology® suite of GoTechnology® Hub-enabled applications are fully web based allowing authorised users access from any location with an internet connection using any device compatible with modern web browsers.
  • Each application can be used on its own, or in combination with other GoTechnology® Hub applications to provide seamless integration between products and disciplines.
  • Software updates and improvements are issued on a quarterly basis, ensuring our applications always contain the latest qedi software. These updates are available to all clients as part of the standard license agreement, meaning there are no extra costs to receive them.
  • Each product has a range of options and a variety of configurations which can be defined as part of the project setup, meaning you receive a solution that works best for you.
  • Multiple projects within the software can have their own configuration settings, providing unrivalled flexibility.
  • Large-scale data changes can be performed by using Microsoft Excel format spreadsheets, including importing and exporting of all information contained in the database.
  • Attachments to database objects can be uploaded and downloaded, for example scanned drawings can be attached to tags.

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