About qedi

In which countries does qedi have offices?

Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Kazakhstan, UAE, UK (Head Office) and US.

Where does qedi fit in the life cycle of a project?

Our niche is in Completions, Ccommissioning and Decommissioning.

Which types of projects does qedi cover?

Onshore, Offshore, Brownfield, Greenfield, Subsea, Pipeline, Decommissioning, Nuclear and Mining.

What does qedi provide?

Management tools, processes and techniques plus Commissioning and Completion Consultants,  Managers, Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians.

What does qedi stand for?

Its origin of qed is Latin ‘quod erat demonstrandum’ i.e. ‘that which was to be proven’. The ‘I’ was added to denote ‘international’.

How is qedi pronounced?

The name is pronounced by spelling the name out in the English alphabet [‘q.e.d.i.’ or ‘queue ee dee eye] and not by saying qedi as a word [qwedy].

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