GoPlan® User Training

Course Title
GoPlan® User Training
1 day
Construction and Commissioning Planner
Skill Level


Course Description:

The 1-day GoPlan® User Course has been developed to teach Construction and Commissioning Planning Engineers how to use the GoPlan® tool. The course explains what the GoPlan® tool is, what it does, how it works and how it fits within the overall Project Planning tool typically used on most projects.

The levels of planning are described and the integration of GoPlan® in the lower detailed level of planning and scheduling activities is described.

Delegates are taught how to integrate with the Project Planning system, how to ‘roll-up’ and ‘roll-down’, how to input and export data, how to generate Job Cards and CTRs, and how to generate management reports. Delegates will understand the benefits and value of GoPlan® as an integral or standalone tool for management of activities on site.

Having attended this course, delegates will have a good understanding of how to successfully manage Construction and Commissioning activities at detailed levels that are not possible using standard Planning systems, and how to integrate this information within the overall project plan.


Target Audience:

This course is targeted at both the project community and is particularly relevant to those engaged in Fabrication, Construction, Commissioning and Start-up of new or modified assets. It is of particular benefit to Directors, Managers and Engineers who are involved with the management of personnel, materials, logistics, administration, forecasting, scheduling and planning.


Course Outline/Key Topics:

  • Functions and Interfaces - interfaces with other applications
  • The Basic Functions - login, main menu and search functions
  • Job Carding Functions - creating Job Cards, modifying, printing etc.
  • Reference Functions - demonstrate the reference tables e.g. materials
  • User Tool Functions - import and export data, Job Card management
  • Reporting Functions - reporting menu, multiple JC printing
  • Status Update - interface with a Planning system
  • System Set-up - GoPlan® initial set-up, user management

Exercises and assessments are undertaken at the end of each section.


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