Why user engagement is important to us. 09 February, 2017

In technology, innovation never stops. People expect software to ‘behave in a certain manner’ with features that are new and exciting. Users expect that their product will work flawlessly and their experience will be the same regardless of the device and operating system they use.

That’s why at qedi our research and development teams are dedicated to delivering the strongest solutions to our clients. Our starting point is to understand where we can add more value to our products for our users. But how do we do that? The answer is simple: We ask them.

Not just by sending out surveys (although we do that too), but by inviting them to participate in the design process itself. By attending workshops and reviewing our new ideas, our users help us to ensure that any new solution delivers real world improvements in efficiency, power and ease of use.

By empowering our users to contribute at every step of the development process, we create products that work across industries and around the world. At qedi user engagement is not just a process; it's a success story.

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