Has your company discovered the benefits of E-learning? 17 May, 2017

At qedi, we are always looking to provide the most cost effective and innovative solutions to our clients and by embracing technology we are using e-learning courses to meet the demands of our clients. So far this year we have seen a 27% increase in the number of delegates through our e-learning compared to the traditional ‘in person’ training course. 

E-learning allows us to provide training in our GoTechnology® suite of products and the Foundations of Completions Management.  In addition, we also offer training courses to Commissioning/Completions personnel who wish to develop themselves and stay competitive within their field.

The desire to avoid the large costs associated with running a traditional training course (at least 47.5% saving could be seen with our e-learning offering) in a classroom set-up is understandable. In fact, e-learning offers several important benefits which should always be considered when contemplating any training request:

  • All delegates receive the same necessary information and consistent messages regardless of location and pace of learning.

  • The only essential requirements are an internet browser and a training account.

  • Courses can be completed in the delegate’s own time at a pace that suits them, and any content can be repeated or replayed as often as they require.

  • E-learning delivers cost efficiency though reduction of trainer, travel, accommodation & material expenses

  • It is possible to train more delegates given the reduced cost per registration coupled with the ease and flexibility of course delivery.

  • The ability to access courses at a lower cost point opens training to a wider audience, providing the industry with a larger pool of potential competent employees.

Here at qedi, we have found that e-learning has not only reduced our clients’ training costs, but also opened up the opportunity for anyone within commissioning and completions to develop themselves in a quick and effective manner. In turn, this can only have positive results for their employer and their business.

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