qedi is a specialist Technology driven, Safety and Integrity focused, Completions management and Commissioning support service company.

We specialise in the provision of Completion and Commissioning services across the project life cycle for large CAPEX projects and Operational assets.

We help clients in minimising costs and delivering projects on time with our Technology, Technical Resources and 'Best Practice' Processes. By providing specialised Completions and Commissioning services and products throughout every phase of the product life cycle, the Completions and Commissioning phase of a project can be made more efficient by...

“thinking about the End of the project, at the Beginning of the project.”




qedi can deliver:

  • best in class processes for Completions and Commissioning services.
  • access to the best people in the industry.
  • a unique GoTechnology® suite of tools designed to assist with critical areas of  management and technical integrity.

Operating on a global capacity and with extensive experience in providing specialist services to operating companies and primary contractors across the project life cycle, we have successfully implemented our expert personnel and technology applications across a number of industries including Conventional and Unconventional Oil and Gas, Mining and Metal, Nuclear and Petrochemical.


qedi is committed to:

  • delivering high quality services and products
  • innovation of services and products
  • quality and retaining ISO9001 Approval
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Our core values are...

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